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WORLD PREMIERE a Cappella Video!

"WORLD PREMIERE a Cappella Video! Stunning performance of the Hymn  "Hallelujah, What A Savior" from our album title, "Hymns, The a Cappella Sessions". Be sure to Visit our Store for this and many other Merchandise Specials!"

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The Nelons: In My Father's House

About The Nelons

Offering a captivating blend of gospel, a cappella, hymns, Americana, folk, and inspirational music, the Nelons are a world-class talented family.  The ensemble is led by the legendary, multi-award winning vocalist, co-founding member Kelly Nelon Clark and her husband, the versatile singer, songwriter, musician, and producer, Jason Clark.  Their daughters, Amber and Autumn, complete this supremely gifted musical troupe as they contribute their powerful vocals to this traveling family band’s harmonic sound.

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Nelons Now

Watch The Nelons! 

The Nelons were part of the Sunday AM service of Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Fl.  You can enjoy their two song selections by clicking here.  You will find them singing at the time code of 24:50.  Enjoy!

Nelons Television Appearance 

While most people were standing in line ready to take advantage of sales and great buys, The Nelons were featured on 'The Morning Show" of a Jacksonville, Florida television station.  If you were unable to see their interview and performance...  Click Here and see how great the girls look at 5:30AM!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

From the Nelon family...
While you are sitting around the table or in front of the game on television we encourage you to take in all the images around you.  These are certianly days that you will want to reflect upon as the years come and go.  It's more than about a turkey or our favorite football team, it's about being thankful for the blessings God has bestowed on us.

One Thankful Mother 

We recently sang in a church around Lexington, KY on a Sunday morning. As the service was about to start, around 15-20 girls came in and sat on the first, second and third rows. I noticed that they all had on the same pants and sweaters. I watched as they sang and clapped as if they had not a care in the world. They were mostly teenagers and I wondered who they were and where were they from. The Preacher called for us to sing, and as we sang they watched us intently, hanging on every word we sang and…Read more

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